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Ad unit error: Ad unit is partly or fully hidden

Error appears when banner is present in the site code but is partly or wholly hidden by other page elements.

Banners may overlap each other. If you place a floating ad that can be closed, the ""Close"" button should not overlap, and you'll also get this error.

Here is an example of the proper placement of a banner:

And here is the wrong way:

The ""Ad is not fully visible"" error might also be caused by a pop-up window that appears while loading a site. The prompt, alert, and confirm windows usually don't cause an error or cause another type of error. If you can avoid pop-up ads, you'd better not use them at all.

Another probable reason for the error is that your banners are loaded later than your site. Suppose the ad unit on your site is placed correctly but doesn't appear immediately after loading. In that case, our bot may consider it invisible, blocked by another element, inaccessible for clicks, or undetected. In this case, please, contact our support team, and we'll fix the error.

Updated on: 18/04/2023

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