Changes to how impressions are displayed

According to the latest updates in our advertising network, "Impressions" defaults to "All impressions." Globally unique impressions are now called "guImpressions."
The same goes for clicks: "Clicks" means "All clicks," and "guClicks" means globally unique clicks. It's important to note that the number of globally unique impressions determines a publisher's earnings, so there have been no changes in the earnings logic.

How are globally unique impressions counted?

Each unique IP address within the A-ADS network is counted as a globally unique impression once every 24 hours. It means that when a visitor, represented by a single IP, views our ads on any of our publishing sites for the first time, it creates a unique impression. Throughout the rest of the day, regardless of the sites or pages they visit, or the ads they see, this visitor's IP will not generate any additional unique impressions.

Therefore, to calculate earnings for publishers, only globally unique impressions are considered. But, in order to make the metrics presentation convenient for all clients, our network displays all impressions as well.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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