Counting guImpressions (Globally unique impressions)

If you are our client or just think of becoming one, you might be interested to learn what we mean by "globally unique impressions" (guImpressions), "globally unique clicks" (guClicks), and "globally unique CPM" (CPM).

Globally unique impression (guImpressions)

An IP address can create only 1 globally unique impression within the entire network in 24 hours. It means that if a visitor hasn't seen our ads in the past 24 hours, their impression will be considered globally unique. Moreover, the same visitor won't generate another globally unique impression within the same day, regardless of the sites they visit or the ads they see.
If there are several ad units on one page, only one of them will receive a globally unique impression upon page load (the one which loads first).
Also, if your ad unit is of type "Site," then only impressions that go from the site domain or its subdomains will be considered globally-unique.

This makes our stats incompatible with Google Analytics or any other web visitor counting services. Our numbers will always be less for the same traffic.

But here's the good news: we are neither a pay-per-impression nor a pay-per-click network. Your earnings depend not on the absolute amount of globally unique impressions but on the share of the network-wide globally unique impressions that you generate. So absolute numbers don't mean much.

Globally unique clicks (guClicks)

An IP address can produce only 1 globally unique click within the entire network in 24 hours. Once visitors generate this unique click, they won't produce another one during the day, regardless of the ads they click on or the sites they visit. Counting guCPC (globally unique CPC), we consider cost per globally unique click.

Globally unique CPM (guCPM)

Counting guCPM, we consider the cost per mile of globally unique impressions. This makes guCPM higher than the standard CPM when considering all impressions.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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