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How to attract direct advertisers?

Dear Publisher!

To attract more advertisers to your website, we recommend you create the Advertise page with instructions on placing an ad on your website through A-ADS. Moreover, this page will attract new advertisers to the A-ADS network, which lets you get 10% of their spending for six months.

You can find an example of text and pictures which you can use.

Be sure that you put the correct URLs into the links in the text. Otherwise, you will not get affiliate profit from attracted advertisers.
You can take your URLs following links in the top right of our banners on your website.

Click "A-ADS," copy the URL of the opened tub, and insert it into the word "A-ADS" in the template text.
Click "Your Ad Here." Follow the link in the Attention Alert on the opened page. Copy the URL of the page and insert it into the word "link" in the template text.

You can ask the Support Team to check the links after Advertise page creation.

Advertise Page Template

Want to promote your project on our website?

We made a helpful self-serve decision due to our partner, A-ADS, which allows you to launch banner campaigns in some easy steps and pay crypto for your ad.

How to advertise

Follow our partnership link, set a daily budget you would like to spend for your banners on our website, and complete your ad campaign settings.

Banner ad prices are also presented by link.

You can also purchase by hovering on the icon in the top-right and clicking the "your ad here" link.

A-ADS is the first crypto advertising network on the market, which helps advertisers reach their business objectives and helps publishers maximize profit from their website traffic.

The network is trusted by top crypto websites worldwide and provides advanced technologies for receiving high-quality leads and promising earning opportunities.
Become an Advertiser and reach your target audience with A-ADS!

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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