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How to boost my earnings?

Dear Publisher! There are some ideas which can make your profit higher!

Put your ad unit in a visible place

We recommend putting banners on the top and adding extra banners of different sizes throughout all pages. Once our bot finds an ad unit, you can use it on any pages within the same domain and its subdomains. So, think of additional pages where you can embed banners and earn more effectively — сheck pages with the most visits in your analytics and place extra banners on them.

Create an Advertise page

Every publisher that attracts paying advertisers receives half of their fees. Every ad unit has a "Your ad here" link that may increase your income. Follow the instruction to create the page correctly.

Tell your audience about A-ADS

Let your audience know about the opportunity to advertise on your website via A-ADS on your blog, social media, and other channels. Don't forget to insert your partner link into the post.

Have a good day and great profit!

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Updated on: 11/09/2022

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