In order to understand our payment policy you'll need to understand how any online advertising operates:

Ad networks have advertisers which target certain demographics (e.g. geographical location, web browser language, user age, the type of a device, etc.)
Ad networks have publishers which offer their traffic to the advertisers

Here are situations when your earnings might not be satisfactory and how you can mitigate the issue:
We don't have advertisers targeting your location or your audience language - unfortunately in this case there's little we can do to increase your eanings
You limit advertisers by filtering certain categories of ads e.g. Gambling or Investments - you can enable at least these two categories
Your audience is not engaged enough, e.g. your users never click on our banners - our advertisers not only expect clicks which are easy to fake but conversions
Our algorithms have identified your website as low-quality (e.g. it contains zero valuable up to date content) - improve your website

Please mind that:
A-ADS does not guarantee any earnings.
A-ADS cannot guarantee the same earnings for the same traffic.
A-ADS pays our publishers 80% of our daily advertising budget depending on the share of your globally unique traffic within the entire A-ADS network.
Our daily budget varies a lot as advertisers come and go and have varying CPM.
Our advertisers don't target all the countries and languages. We would love to pay for all your traffic but we can't.

Our advertisers come and go: we cannot guarantee the same earnings for the same traffic. It is perfectly normal to have varying earnings.
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