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How to start earning as a publisher?

1. Create your account

Go to A-ADS homepage and click Sign up, then follow the instructions. Detailed info in our Helpdesk article: How to create an account?

2. Create an Ad Unit

Click on Create Ad Unit on the homepage or in your dashboard

Select the ad unit type, which can either be a website or an application, according to what you have

We don't verify or categorize ad units of type "App", advertisers are less likely to target them.

Select the ad unit size
You may see most popular ad units among our publishers on Stats page

Input the page URL

Make sure you insert the exact URL where you want to insert the ad unit code. Otherwise, the code won't be found by our bot.

3. Place your Ad Unit code

Detailed guide in our blog: How to place an ad unit code correctly?

4. Make sure that ad unit code is found and ad unit is working

You'll see status on dashboard and on ad unit page. If something goes wrong - follow instructions you see or contact our Support team.

5. Set up withdrawal address

Go to Finances => Withdrawal options page to set up withdrawal address. We support withdrawals to bitcoin address directly and to FaucetPay.
Detailed instruction in Helpdesk: How to set or update withdrawal address?

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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