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How to start promoting a project as an advertiser?

1. Create your account

Go to A-ADS homepage and click Sign up, then follow the instructions. Detailed info in our Helpdesk article: How to create an account?

2. Create an Advertising Campaign

Click on Create Ad on the homepage or in your dashboard
Choose targeting

We recommend choosing categories that fit your preferable audience instead of targeting All traffic. Targeting specific websites and ad units are also available after campain creation, to do so go to Traffic Sources => Selection Criteria

Choose campaign language and your advertising payment model
Our main payment model is Daily budget: you spend a fixed amount of money per day and get a share of our publishers’ traffic. You can set any daily budget, that seems reasonable to you. Please, mind checking the traffic estimations on campaign creation page and note that they are volatile.
Insert ad Title, Text and link you want to advertise
Upload banners
You may also upload banners after campaign creation.

You'll see a calculator that shows an expected deposit sum for chosen period of time.

3. Configure your campaign

Most of the campaign settings are available after you create one. If you want to fine-tune your campaign, you can go to the campaign page and choose site categories, specify geo-targeting or set other options if necessary.

If you haven't uploaded banners of all available sizes and you don't want to show text ads you should enable Show banners only option.

4. Deposit funds

The minimum deposit value for each cryptocurrency is displayed in the deposit popup and might change, so keep an eye on it. Please note that you can deposit funds to your user balance, then started campaigns will be funded automatically from it.

5. Wait for traffic

Usually it takes up to one hour for deposit to be processed and up to one hour for campaign to be moderated.

If your campaign is rejected - check rejection comment on campaign's or user's page.

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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