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How to fix a high bounce rate?

Sometimes our advertisers are unhappy because they see incredibly high bounce rates for A-ADS traffic. Tracking systems might show a bounce rate of up to 99%, while the bounce rate for other networks might be something like 25 - 70%.

This difference is since A-ADS is not a pay-per-click network: advertisers pay a fixed daily budget and get a share of all the targeted traffic. Since advertisers don’t pay for clicks, there is no need to filter them. Wrong clicks may increase the bounce rate, but the absolute quantity of good clicks won’t become any smaller. They will keep their place!

It can be compared to advertising on street banners: not each passerby is likely to make a purchase, a very few will call the number written on a banner, and there might even be hooligans who spam the advertiser calls. But the idea of filtering passersby is ridiculous.

We don’t aim to prevent hooligans and bots from clicking banners because we cannot do it without spying on visitors to our publishing sites. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to filter out all the wrong clicks without losing some good ones.

We offer tons of cheap traffic, and if you get a high bounce rate - it is not a problem that needs to be fixed. Just measure your conversion in terms of sales or good clicks per dollar spent on advertising!

Updated on: 11/09/2022

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