The status "empty targeting" means that there are no ad units that match your campaign's settings and targeting criteria.

The most popular causes and solutions:

* You have enabled "Show banners only", but did not upload the banners that match the sizes of the targeted ad units

Either disable the Show banners only option, or upload the required banners to fix the issue.

* You target expensive traffic sources, but did not set a high enough Max CPM value for your CPD-campaign

Go to your Campaign -> Payment model page and set the Max CPM to the maximum allowed value.

* You target only a few sites/ad units that don't generate traffic, don't match your campaign's settings or have rejected your ad

Add more sites/ad units or entire categories. Disable the options that may exclude the ad units from your targeting, such as:
- Approved sites only (beta)
- Alexa Top 1M Sites only (beta)
- Show banner only

* You use Geo-filtering but the targeted ad units have less than 30% of traffic from the selected countries

Add more countries or don't use Geo-filtering.

* Your ad has a rating that is not allowed by the selected traffic sources

Try to fix your ad or select other traffic sources. Contact support if your ad is rated incorrectly.

General recommendations:

Increase Max CPM
Upload more graphical banners
Don't use Geo-filtering
Target All traffic or multiple categories
Uncheck "Alexa rank only", "A-ADS approved sites only", "Show banners only" if these settings are active

The simplest solution could be to create a new campaign (without specifying any settings) in a desired language and check how much traffic is available. Then adjust options one by one.

If the problem persists, please contact support.
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